Kindle the passion. Excellence is a belief in doing right things in right ways. Motivate your HR professionals to strive for the best.

Borne out of a deep dedication to the profession of Human Resources, Elements of Excellence is a complete service offered to corporate clients in the assessment and benchmarking of their HR processes, HR people and HR culture with recommended standards and best practices. The ultimate aim is to coach and advise client HR professionals raise the awareness and practice.

Elements of Excellence begins with a scoping study of all existing practices in the company. An exchange of information and checklist of questions to be answered forms the basis of the assessment of ‘as is’ HR practices. The work done during the assessment process results in a large number of extremely valuable recommendations to clients on how to raise the bar for HR.

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I have been highly pleased to partner with Dr. Madhok as we have sought to fully integrate India and U.S. operations; she has been a strategic ally in helping me increasingly understand cultural dynamics between the two countries. She is a trusted resource who handles all matters with discretion and professionalism.

Bruce D. Johnson, Ph.D. VP, Research & Development Perrigo Company Allegan Michigan, US

Aneeta is an HR professional of ‘star’ stature. She has regularly participated in the Best Prax Club Round Tables organized by Qimpro where her ideas have enabled the members to view business practices from unique perspectives.

Suresh Lulla, Founder, Qimpro Consultants

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