Look within and discover. There’s a vast treasure unexplored. The journey of self-discovery covers many miles. Look at the choices you have made and the patterns of existence Mat govern your comfort zones. Evoke the spirit of self-enquiry and pursuit of self-knowledge and discover a multiplicity of perspectives potentially possible to widen the horizons.

Katha Kram is a unique personal growth lab that offers a space for the individual to confront and examine the nature of influences on choice-making so far and to look within to discover the energies that govern these choices. So, the unit for discovery is the Self.

The personal growth lab is conducted in groups of 8 to 15 with two faculties per group over a five day period. The methodology is intensively participative, non-coercive, evocative and flowing in its structure a. content. The emphasis is on experiential learning in the “here-and-now” to discover the patterns of gleaning making that influence identity formation and choice making. The learning is derived by experimenting with a multiplicity of perspectives that bring out the completeness of the human potential in a micro setting. The belief is that the process gives rise to insights and paves the way for wellness and fulfillment of potential.

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It is a joy and delight to be working with Aneeta. By temperament she is joyful and a great force multiplier as a motivator.

Nadirshaw Dhondy, Advocate, Supreme Court

Aneeta’s phenomenal zeal in reaching out and helping her students, colleagues and friends go beyond their perceived limits has been a key factor. Her high ethical standards and dedication are added assets.

Ashok Nayak, Associate VP – BPO Sales, Australia & NZ at Mahindra Satyam

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