Watching the movie last night was an experience filled with premonitions of dark ages ahead. The house packed entertainer was a compelling narrative, well made, masterfully acted, genius genre tale of everything that is wrong with the world and society today. If the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” explores the grey areas of a sexually liberated millennium generation, then this movie, in parallel, explores the black domains of “Fifty Shades of Greed” of the corporate financial world where money reigns.

The greed of money is supreme. Rich or poor, all are afflicted by this greed. Nobody is spared. Even though we have all we need and much more than that, its still that “white tiger you get on, and then can’t get off”. Associated debauchery ensures that the poorer your character, the richer your lifestyle, so on the average you didn’t do so badly in life! So, get on the bandwagon and get rich quick or get lost in the “subway on your way home to a miserable wife”….