Is Employee Engagement your Priority?

Do you want to ramp up Employee Engagement (EE) as a priority HR thrust area? First ask yourself, “Is my organization (and me) ready for it?” and then, “What are the HR processes that support EE programs?” Prompted by one very senior and respected HR professional in the corporate sector, who asked me a couple of weeks ago, if there is a level of readiness that is required to put Employee Engagement initiatives in place. I decided to write my thoughts down in this fifth blog post in the series on Employee Engagement. You see, the promoter-driven group of companies he works with has just seen very rapid expansion beyond domestic boundaries, largely driven through acquisitions of firms in foreign lands. The HR processes of each of the units have not yet seen complete integration, and the cultures are still very diverse. He personally is doubtful whether EE initiatives can be rolled out in such situations.

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