Many readers of the first two posts in this series have asked for ideas on what to do to enhance Employee Engagement. This blog post is based on a series of conversations with HR Professionals and explains how to get Employee Engagement practices right.

First: Define what you want to manage

In one organization the term Employee Engagement was linked to a ‘marriage’ of the employee and the organization, and the expectation from employees was to be ‘wedded to the company’ (Anil Gole of Greaves Cotton). In Essar Oil, Harsh Bhosale indicated that they believed engagement was the extent to which the company captures the ‘hearts and minds’ of people. The organization has firm faith that engaged employees form a committed and motivated workforce, which in turn delivers better business results. Dhananjay Bhansod of Leighton Welspun says that it is about how the employee ‘identifies’ with the organization and its goals, and works towards helping the organization achieve them.

‘Employee Engagement for us is a desire to stay with the organization and perform through a deep sense of ownership and commitment,’ says Tanaya Mishra of JSW. “For achieving business results, Employee Engagement is essential,” is the viewpoint of Vishwanath Lele of Shapoorji & Pallonji. Yet another CHRO, who is a dear friend, mentions that not only is it fun to work with and enhance the engagement of a team, but the measurement of a team’s engagement can predict company performance and employee retention!

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